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Terms & Conditions and Travel Expenses for reservations in Hong Kong

For bookings, please consider using our booking form here in order for us to take care of your request quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, you could also send us your booking request or any inquiry via email


For further information regarding bookings in Hong Kong. Please refer to the table below

Booking your exclusive escort experience in Hong Kong with EliteAmourClub



All of our exclusive escort models in our portfolio are charming, stylish, sophisticated and highly educated.


Beautiful in each individual way therefore every escort has their own individual pricing & term.


The detailed pricing information is listed on their profile page where you will their own individual rates as well as their statistics, personal preferences and hobbies.


Considerations in the differences of the quality in our models include their social and career accomplishments, education level, life experience as well as their charisma, beauty and elegance. Regardless, our exclusive selection of models are all friendly, captivating, easy-going and service-oriented who promise you with an ultimate escort experience.




Although the majority of our models are based in Thailand but most of the models are also available for reservation to Hong Kong. We will require a minimum booking duration of 8 to 12 hours for reservation to Hong Kong.


For reservations to Hong Kong, please kindly include a flat fee of 10000 Thai Baht for travel expenses


In their profile pages, you will find their individual booking rates. Please take note that transportation fees are not included in the mentioned rates. In this case, the only mean of transportation to Hong Kong will be by flight. The flight tickets will normally cost around 200 to 400 USD for a round trip.


Please provide us with your real name, age and a short description of yourself. This information is necessary for our models and knowing who she is going to meet. Making sure your profile is compatible is important to us


For first-time customers, we will require a screenshot of the hotel reservation once the booking is secured.




For reservation in countries outside of Thailand, we will require a prepayment of a (50% deposit + cost of flight tickets) to secure your reservation.


For bookings to Hong Kong, please kindly include a flat fee of 10000 Thai Baht for travel expenses


For the remaining 50% of of the agreed payment, please pass the payment in cash inside an unsealed envelope to your escort companion at the beginning of the date.


To prevent any misunderstanding when it comes to sensitive issue like monetary, it is advisable to allow the escort to take a glance inside the envelope. Appreciate on your understanding regarding this matter in order to avoid any misunderstanding.


For the prepayment method, you can make the prepayment comfortably by bank transfer. Due to discretion purpose, bank details will be provided via email.


Please rest assured that we apply strict discretion when it comes to billing. Your details will be kept strictly confidential.




Most of our escorts are either a full time student or having a full time career. In order to ensure a perfect and flawless arrangement, we recommend booking your dream woman in advance.


At least one week in advance will be perfect with required fees transferred 5 days prior to the booking date in order for us to make the necessary travel arrangements as well as allowing the models to schedule their plans in advance.




If something unexpected occurs which requires you to cancel the meeting, please give us at least a 72 hours notice in advance before the reservation date


Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice will be subjected to a 20% cancellation charge which will be compensate to the model for her loss of work


If a prepayment has been transferred, we will allocate the remaining amount as a credit for your next reservation




For the reservation of our elite models, in order for us to take care of your request quickly and efficiently. Please use our reservation form provided in our BOOKINGS page


If you have any other inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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