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High-class and VIP escort service is our top priority. The feedback of our satisfied clients speaks for itself. All feedback regarding our escort models is 100% genuine and authentic! We set our high agency standards and we will never stop striving for excellence and achieving trust of our clients by being honest and open with our clients.


Feel free to share with us your exciting and romantic experiences with our models. We totally welcome any suggestions or criticism. Your opinion of our service is also of great importance to us as we are constantly looking for ways to improve on our services.

Latest Feedback & Testimonials

Review for Lynda

Lynda - A stunning body to die for. Intense, sensual and tender at the same time. I was captivated from the very beginning of the meeting. Her stunning figure, attractive smile and impeccable appearance as well as her polite and outgoing personality are her best assets! 

Thanks to Damon for the very professional arrangement. The date with Lynda was very comfortable and intense at the same time. It was as if we have known each other for a very long time. Her photos don't really do her justice. She is simply a goddess and stunningly seductive!

Lynda is a class apart and the entire meeting was absolutely perfect! I would highly recommend a date with Lynda to anyone who is looking for a natural beauty with an addictive personality. She is the perfect overall package and an excellent conversation partner!

If you fancy an erotic and sensual night with an attractive woman, Lynda will be your best choice.

28th August 2022



Review for Jessica ( Thai-American )


I'm glad that I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica for a dinner date yesterday. Firstly, her photos does not do her justice. She is way more gorgeous and elegant-looking in person! I was taken aback by her stunning figure and attractive appearance the moment she walk into the restaurant. 


Her warm and soft nature together with engaging attitude was so calming and comforting that I don't feel any awkwardness or nervous at all when meeting her! She is an intelligent and well-traveled lady who can converse very well in various type of conversations! I certainly enjoyed my time with her and to conclude she might be one of the best dinner dates that I ever had.

I had an awesome experience on the GFE side, she genuinely wants you to feel satisfied and happy with her company. Her stunning hourglass physique and smile are so inviting with intense arousal and passionate moments! One encounter is certainly not enough with this magnificent lady.

I had a fantastic time and I wish our time together did not end. I will look forward to my next business trip to Bangkok and will certainly meet Jessica again soon! 

19th March 2022

Review for Bernice ( Thai-German )


Thank you for arranging this amazing date. I truly enjoy every single second with this beautiful young lady. I can only recommend Bernice, totally sweet and lovely.


A great slim body who is open to anything. Overall, I have enjoyed an all-round wholesome experience with Bernice.


Her charm and the conversations that we have shared together with a memorable evening that I won't forget. Her wittiness and sweet exterior was such a pleasure to spend sometime with. I truly enjoyed her company as my dinner companion.


Also, many thanks to Amourclub for organizing our date so smoothly. I hope to meet Bernice again on my next trip to Thailand!


21st August 2021

Review for Natalya ( Thai-Japanese )


Met Natalya recently and was not disappointed at all. Her beauty and amazing body figure totally exceed my expectations! She is very engaging and surprisingly for a non-English speaker, her English is fluent and we communicated excellently. She make me feel very relaxing with her amazing communication skills.


She is a wonderful companion for an evening dinner date. She is an attentive lover and her kind, caring, and friendly attitude is a definite plus. I truly enjoyed every single moment with this wonderful lady.


Everything was so smoothly arranged and communication with Amourclub was flawless. They responds promptly to my emails and inquiries. Thank you for arranging everything.


20th December 2019


Review for Khloe ( Thai-American )


Khloe is a charming, intelligent and very attractive young lady. Her appearance is graceful and elegant yet she has a very sweet-loving, cute and caring personality.

I certainly had the best night of my life with Khloe. Perhaps the only downside that I have had is the night with Khloe passed way too fast and I felt that I will never have enough time with this amazing model. She has a very pleasant and polite attitude that makes you want to spend time with her even more.


What an incredibly enjoyable and memorable night. And this will certainly be an unforgettable and one of the best way to welcome the new year and celebrate new year eve for me! I look forward to planning more visits to Bangkok and certainly will meet Khloe again for the 2nd time and the rest of the models too!


31st December 2019


Review for Tessa ( Thai-British )


Tessa is an magnificent model and she is everything you could ever dream of! Tall, beautiful, stylish, classy with graceful and elegant appearance. The moment I met her, she immediately captivate me with her charm and friendly attitude.


Overall, her sensational body, her graceful beauty, open-minded personality and the attention she will devote on you leave nothing to be desired. She is the perfect lover and highly professional first class companion.


08th January 2020


Review for Ivy & Demi ( Duo session )


Looking to experience something different during this visit and chanced upon this agency that offers a duo experience. Quickly make arrangement with amourclub for an appointment with Ivy and her partner Demi. As soon as both of them have arrives, I could feel their warmth and friendliness which quickly put me at ease.


Both of them are an absolute delight to work with. They offers a truly unique experience and their chemistry are a sight to behold and experience! For anyone out there seeking an exciting and sensual experience with two beautiful and friendly models that will ensure you with a lifetime experience. I would strongly recommend Ivy and Demi and the wholesome experience they offer.


19th January 2020


Review for Miranda M


What an amazing session with Miranda M! This young university beauty has a warm and outgoing personality which make me feel immediately at ease. I was truly captivated by her sexy and beautiful looks as well as her attentive and caring nature.


Overall, our time together was simply a delight and 2 hours is never enough with this beautiful woman. I will be looking forward to seeing Miranda real soon for a longer appointment!


27th January 2020


Review for Madalyn ( Thai-Spanish )


Madalyn was absolutely amazing from the start of the date until the finish! She is attentive and an adventurous lover with a phenomenal body to die for. Incredible firm hips and an erotic look as well as attractive smile. From head to toe, she is stunning. All that a man would want physically and emotionally.


The experience with her is intimate and full of passionate moments. It will get even better as it goes deeper into the session with this friendly, warm and engaging personality beside you.

Gentlemen out there who are seeking for an adventurous and passionate experience with a woman with wonderful personality and perfect silhouette. Madalyn will be your go to option.


22nd February 2020


Review for Alexa M ( Thai-Vietnamese-Laos )


I normally don't leave any reviews for the meetings with the ladies. But I have made an exception for Alexa and promise to leave her a review.

From the moment Alexa walk into the restaurant with grace and her elegance immediately captured my heart. There was a lot of attention focus on her when she walk into the restaurant. The way she carry herself, her fashion sense and the graceful elegance that she display was magnificent. I told myself I am very lucky to have such a nice dinner date and glad that I have not make the wrong choice.


Our dinner date went extremely well. She is a good conversationalist and with her bubbly personality definitely helps. Her engaging personality and outgoing nature makes me feel very relaxing the moment I met her. She is very intelligent and I feel genuinely connected with her and seems like we have known each other for a very long time.


For the intimacy action, all I have to say is treat this lady with respect and you will get a lot more in return. She has all the required tools and knows exactly how to perfectly maximize her talents. She is energetic and very passionate. An amazing experience overall and very addictive. Which makes me already planning for my next date with her after this pandemic situation has ended.


28th March 2020


Review for Vivian


Vivian is certainly one of the most beautiful and down to earth lady I have ever met. Vivan is very stunning in person with a superb body. Smart, Witty and full of energy with a little bit of mischief and combining with her sensual touches.


During the time we spent together, I couldn't help myself but keep staring at her gorgeous beauty and curvy figure. She is smart and a great conversationalist who is very confident in herself. She knows perfectly how to makes you feel good and relaxing with her easy-going personality and curious nature.

In conclusion, I had a great time with Vivian and would certainly love to see her again soon!


19th April 2020


Review for Madalyn ( Thai-Spanish )


This is a long overdue review that I promise to write for Madalyn. Due to the packed schedule over the last two months, I finally find the time to write this review. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Madalyn during my business trip to Thailand. Her profile happen to caught my interest and her photos looks really hot with that killer figure. I had a good feeling about her and knew our chemistry would fit if we met. I decided to make a reservation with Madalyn for a dinner date.


Upon meeting her, I realize that she has a warm personality who makes you feel very relaxing with her laughter and conversations. We had a lot of interesting conversations over the dinner. She is a very smart lady with beautiful smile and amazing personality. I have truly enjoyed every single moment we spent together. She is someone with whom you can relax sharing your secrets with and talk freely without feeling any awkwardness. And something I must highlight is Madalyn is definitely much more than her description which you must really meet her to find out!


I must say she is incredibly passionate on the intimacy part and never seems to get tired. I was totally drained by her passionate and sensual experience the entire night! If you have a desire for curvy girls with physique like Kate Upton. You should definitely meet Madalyn and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed by her looks and of course her figure too! Overall, 100% enjoyment and what a wonderful experience.


01st June 2020


Review for Arielle ( Thai-Israeli )


I had the pleasure of meeting Arielle for a short 2 hours meeting recently. The moment when i saw her, she was much more than I expected. Communication was seamless and her English is perfect! She is absolutely stunning in person with a dangerously addicting personality. Very sweet in person and a hardworking girl who is very willingly to please you.


Initially, I was very shy as I don't do this much often. But she made sure I'm comfortable enough before proceeding to the next step. She made me feel at ease with her natural and intellect conversation which makes me feel like I'm having some casual talk with a long lost friend.


With her warm and friendly nature, I would certainly love to take her out someday to a short vacation. Her amazing positive energy will certainly brings out a lot of fun and joy! I cannot recommend her high enough. Thank you for this special arrangement.


26th July 2020


Review for Jaelyn ( Russian Model )


Jaelyn is attentive, attractive with a warm personality in person. Her body is just fabulous and extremely sexy. A very fun company who will make you feel comfortable as soon as you met her. She is very lovely and affectionate intimately. She is filled with energy and her bubbly attitude make this one of the best experience I have ever had.


Jaelyn is so much more than just being beautiful and sexy. She is sophisticated and kind with a great sense of humor and laughter that is infectious! She met and even exceed all my expectations. We had an amazing time together and the experience was simply magical.


Lastly, thank you for arranging this wonderful session. The communication with elite Amourclub was simply flawless and smooth.


09th October 2020


Review for Francesca (Flight Attendant)


Self-confident lady with a truly attractive and sensual body. I had the most amazing session with this dream girl. This lady is much more beautiful in person than her photos and i was totally captivated by her beauty and personality. Her pictures only offer you a small hint of what awaits you.


She is a great conversationalist and due to her career as a flight attendant, she has extensive travel experience and we were able to chat about everything on different countries and cultures. She is also very intelligent and open-minded so having conversations with her is very addictive!


Thank you for arranging such a great evening with this wonderful girl! Unfortunately, our time together passed way too fast. I have already made arrangements for the subsequent booking with this amazing lady.


Thank you once again for this flawless and hassle free organisation in a discreet way! Looking forward to my next date with Francesca soon!


10th April 2021

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