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Website Disclaimer

Thank you for visiting Elite AmourClub website. Please keep in mind of the following terms & conditions before proceeding. If you don't agree with any of the following terms. Please leave this site.


By choosing to continue using this website, you release and discharge the owner of this website and all parties involved with the creation, maintenance and hosting of this website of any and all liability which may arise from your actions.


Please be advised that this website contains content and images not suitable for children. If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by adult-oriented websites please browse elsewhere.


The services provided in this website are only representatives of the services offered by Elite AmourClub escort agency. Elite AmourClub operate as a referral service provider for social escort companionship in dating, travel companions, dinner companions or sugar babies.


AmourClub reserves the right to refuse providing any services to individual for any reason. The contents and photos of this site are largely for reference only. Any monetary agreement paid to the models are in exchange for the companionship and nothing more.


Models are to be treated with utmost respect and consideration for their well-being in any date. Asking the models for their personal contact or details are strictly prohibited. Demanding any inappropriate services deemed rude for the model is prohibited.


Models are to be kept safe and healthy at all times. Do not intentionally putting the model in any risk or harm's way. Our models are 100% drug free and do not attend any wild parties that will put the model in harm's way and will not be expected to accompany any third party.


The model reserve the rights to leave at anytime if the situation is deemed unsafe and dangerous for her. Any violation of these terms will have the membership revoked.


Legal pursuit may follow depending on the severity of the violation. AmourClub is not responsible for any loss or damage in situation where inappropriate conduct occurred. The safety and respect of our models are our first priority. Any violations will not be tolerated.


AmourClub Elite Escort Agency is a purely companion and introduction agency. The agency does not solicit or promote any contents link to prostitution. Elite Amour Club is a social escort and introduction agency only.

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