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F.A.Q about working as an AmourClub high class escort

Am I suitable as an escort model?

We are open to hire anyone who is open-minded, intelligent and confident of themselves. Adapt quickly to situation and forge close relationships with the client. Flexible and feel comfortable in luxurious and upscale settings who always meet your counterpart with respect and empathy. If you possess the above requirements, please feel free to contact us.

What are the ideal measurements to come into consideration?


No, the most important thing is you are comfortable with how you look and radiates this feeling in a classy and natural way. It is essential that you are confident in your body and set a high value on neat appearance.

Do I have to travel internationally for the job or can I choose to work locally?

We are extremely interested in working with local ladies or expats based in Hong Kong, Thailand and UAE.

Our agency offer a mixture of local and international assignments and we are extremely flexible in terms of arranging your work according to your preference and schedule.


So if you prefer to accept only local assignments due to personal reason, please don't hesitate to let us know!

How are my privacy and safety ensured?

Your safety and privacy are of course as important to us as it is to you. Each client is exactly screened and checked in advance for validity and integrity. We will confirm on all the details regarding the meeting place and hotel are accurate. So we will know exactly your whereabouts and with whom.


Our agency do not accept any anonymous reservations. During your dates, you will have the possibility to reach us by mobile at any time. AmourClub team will always be there for you!

How many bookings can I expect per month?

That is totally up to to your flexibility and you will decide when and how much you want to work. You are under no obligation to accept all booking requests. Remember working as a high-class escort is a personal adventure with lucrative side income in addition to your studies or day job.


We will only seek cooperation with you if we are very confident that the demand for you is high! Of course, you will get to decide on the number of dates per month and your potential earnings will be enormous!

Do I have the chance to meet the client before the date and how much in advance do I know about the date?

Similarly, our clients expect the utmost discretion from the agency. In this case, we will not be able to arrange any meeting prior to the reservation date. However, we can guarantee that you will be provided with all the necessary information required for a successful date in advance.


If you are accompanying the client on his business trips or vacations, the trip scheduling and flight tickets will be organized by our agency. You will not have to do a single thing but get well rested and prepare yourself on a neat and natural appearance for the trip.


We guarantee that you will always meet charming and generous gentlemen and the dates will be taking place solely in luxurious and renowned 5-stars hotels and exclusive restaurants in big cities.


And of course, all the expenses such as travel cost and accommodation are made by our client. You can fully enjoy the finest side of life with the client without worrying about a single thing.


Can I refuse the client upon meeting him?


All of our clients are reputable and well-respected gentlemen with sophisticated style and class. However, you can rest assured that your comfortability and well-being are our priorities.


In the event that you feel uncomfortable due to personal reason or the chemistry is wrong between you. It will not be an issue to end the date. It is totally up to your discretion and as your representative we will respect this decision.

What do we offer you as an agency & The advantages of joining our agency

Elite AmourClub has an excellent reputation in the escort industry. Thanks to our professionalism and discretion as our top priority, reputable business leaders, lawyers, doctors, VIPs, politicians, managers, athletes, celebrities and wealthy clients who appreciate our professional and flawless handling of their requests. Thus, we have satisfied clients all over the world recommending us while the agency providing you with the rare opportunity to meet these respectable gentlemen discreetly.


Our brand success is based on trust, reliability, discretion, professionalism and the beauty of our elite escort models. We understand and commit all of our efforts in ensuring our client's needs and interests.


We always strive to be the very best in arranging a satisfying and memorable date between two people in the most comfortable and uncomplicated way possible.


Over the years, Elite AmourClub has been expanding rapidly and emerging as one of the most renowned elite escort agency in Asia. Our highly experienced team's recognized expertise has allow us to sets new standards in the escorting industry across Asia.


Will my personal information be kept confidential?

All your personal information and details about you will remain strictly confidential and will stay within the agency. We will not disclose any personal information of you to a third parties or clients at any time.


Will my privacy be ensured?

Discretion is not only the top priority to our clients but also to you. In addition, we will allow you to present yourself discreetly on our website by concealing and blurring out your face therefore ensuring your anonymity.


If you are uncomfortable of getting seen in public setting due to personal reason. Please kindly let us know during the interview and we will make appropriate arrangements according to your needs to ensure your privacy and safety.

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