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First Class Beaches in Thailand with High-Class Thai Escort Models

Thanks to these two key ingredients for your vacation. Your next beach holiday in Thailand will certainly be an exceptional and memorable experience where you will never forget in your entire life.

With your elegant and sensual travel escort companion from our elite escort agency in Thailand, your unforgettable beach vacation will take you from the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand all the way down to the island of Phuket located at the west coast of Thailand among the Andaman Sea.

Your magical journey with your bikini and sensual beauty from Elite AmourClub will begin. On the beautiful and most magical island in Thailand surrounded by mountainous landscape and tropical rainforest. Get to one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket called Freedom Beach. However, this precious gem requires some effort to get to and is only accessible by boat during high season.

If you are up for a short and adventurous hike, there is a small path to the beach at The Avista Hideaway Hotel. Freedom Beach is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beach in Phuket that must be conquered.

The next dream beach that Elite AmourClub would like to present you is the Maya Bay at Koh Phi Phi. Not only the Thais agree on this but also many international celebrities who love to visit and relax on this beautiful beach. The magnificent aerial view of the beach makes it easy to understand why it was once featured in the famous Leonardo Dicaprio movie " The Beach " as a backdrop for the scenery.

Those steep limestone cliffs that surrounded the water makes it feel like a private paradise and provide you with a very special experience especially with the companionship of our elite escort model in Phuket.

The majestic and magical Railey Beach is one of the top attractions and best beaches in Thailand which is only accessible by boat. Surrounded by huge cliffs, caves, limestone monoliths, beautiful rainforest landscapes and the crystal clear water inviting you for a swim together with your elegant model companion.

There are several small beaches that make up the Railey Beach and all of these are within close proximity. This beautiful stretch of coast is perfect for some private and romantic time with your sexy VIP Thai Escort Model.

This picturesque destination can only be reach by private boat which in turn can be perfectly combined with a multi-day yachting tour exploring the beautiful landscapes and breath-taking islands.

Of course this amazing country is a place filled with all possibilities and will offers you everything you and your sensual escort companion might enjoy and dreamed of.

From beautiful forest landscapes to breath-taking beaches, plenty of culture and not to forget Thailand is the kitchen of the world which means plenty of fabulous food choices and the friendly people from the Land of Smiles!

Lastly, a memorable and most exciting part of your vacation will take place in the privacy of your luxurious villa where your high-class escort companion in Thailand will take you into her world of erotic sensuality which you have probably never experienced before.

During this endless and magical moment, everything in your surroundings will no longer be important as long as you and your VIP escort companion exist.


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