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Contact us to find out more about the private introduction of our unlisted VIP models in the private gallery.

I understand that you might have already seen and wonder why that some of the models in the gallery are only available via private introduction only without much details in their profiles.


As most of the models that are represented by our agency are mainly professional models or having other professional careers as well as some of the models are also managing their own business thus their identity are very sensitive to the public. Several of these models have achieved international fame and due to their high popularity, they are easily recognised in the public. Thus the models are very cautious of having their details posted publicly online.


Due to this reason you can see that some of our models are only available through private introduction only. Because it is our responsibility to create a safe working environment with discreetness and confidentiality for the models.


As a professional VIP companionship agency, we are passionate about providing our clients with the highest quality of enjoyment and personal service. Only solely focused commitment is to serve our clients and helping them to arrange the most memorable date with an elegant and sophisticated escort companion.


Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any inquiries on the membership criteria or introduction process. If you are in need of our recommendations about which elite models will suit your preferences, please do let us know. We look forward to create an unforgettable and extraordinary experience for you.

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