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Visit Taipei With Your Elite Escort Companion - The City For Their Natural Scenery & Cuisines

Taipei is one of the Asia's most popular tourist destinations with amazing skyscrapers ( having one of the tallest towers in the world ) and unique shopping experiences that you and your VIP escort model should not miss out when you visit Taiwan.

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and Taiwanese are known for their hospitality and friendliness. This city has a very beautiful nature and historic culture with well-connected metro system that allows you to travel conveniently.

Below are some great reasons that you and your elite escort model should visit Taipei for your vacation.

Street food is one of the main reason why Taipei is a highly rated tourist attraction.

Taipei street food is world renowned and you simply have to strolled through every night market in Taipei. The most popular night market in Taipei is Shilin Night Market. Shop and feast to your fullest with your elegant escort model at this huge night market.

A vast range selections of clothing, snacks and all sort of accessories are available in this largest night market of Taipei.

Visit the most iconic attraction in Taipei

Taipei 101 one of the tallest building in the world that boasts an unbelievably scenic view. At over 509 metres tall, this iconic building is easily recognisable and is visible from everywhere in the city. Get up to the observation decks to enjoy the breath-taking scenery especially the night scenery with your elegant escort companion.

You can also grab the opportunity to visit the highest Starbucks in the world. Located on the 35th floor of Taipei 101, this Starbucks offers spectacular views from the window seats. Sipping a nice coffee and having intellectual conversations with your escort companion while admiring the scenery Taipei has to offer is an utmost enjoyment.

Shop at the largest shopping district Ximending

One of the most bustling areas of Taipei that resemble Tokyo's Shinjuku district. Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury brands and nightlife activity. This is one of the best places to go out in Taipei during the night.

Relax your body in the natural hot springs

Taipei is covered in hot springs. You do not have to venture far away from the city to find the, as they are literally out in the open for all to enjoy. Take a taxi or metro to Beitou and you can find a lot of hot springs available. Dipping your legs into the hot springs allow your muscle to relax and open up your pores to clean throughout. Minerals in the hot springs are known to benefits your skin and have health effects as well as to help with blood circulation in your body.

Pay a visit to the national park of Taiwan

National parks in Taiwan are known for their stunning landscapes and breath-taking scenery. Pay a visit to Yangmingshan National Park with plenty of activities to offer. Volcanoes hiking, hot springs and sulphur pits are some of them. The beautiful Jingshan suspension bridge and the Milk Lake. You can also hike up to the highest park to enjoy all the stunning views.

Visit a themed restaurant

Taiwan is known for their weird-looking and innovative themed restaurants. Perhaps you have heard before, the one of the famous restaurant is the toilet themed where you get the chance to eat out from a mini toilet bowl while sitting on a toilet. Poo-shaped meatballs, poo-shaped desserts and many more interesting stuff. There are also many different type of themed restaurant in Taipei like the Hello Kitty cafe and many more!

Visit Jiufen Old Street for some magnificent scenery and delicious food

The city of Jiufen is built on a hill overlooking the spectacular coastline. There is a lot of tea houses on the mountain side for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery with your VIP escort companion. This is the perfect place for you to sip on a small cup of tea and enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Catch a bus over to Shifen Old Street to experience the Taiwanese tradition by writing your wishes on a lanterns and light it setting it off hoping that their ancestors will answer their prayers. Take a short walk over to Shifen waterfall and you can also admire the beauty of this Niagara Falls of Taiwan.

The perfect vacation destination Taipei combining with an Elite Escort Model. You will be inspired both on mental and physical level. Expect a first-class vacation break that other men could only dream of.


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